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G Open Boats

Guardian RIBs

Northstar G Series offer one of the widest range of open RIBs which can be equipped for many tasks.

Our engineers will be happy to configure one for your needs.

Intentionally named as Guardian, Northstar G Open Boat Series ranging from 4.35 m. to 12.5 m.

Using vacuum infusion and RTM technologies, all GRP parts of the entire series are manufactured to be robust and lightweight.

Their bodies provide a wide range of engine options in addition to high performance and sailor characteristics.

G Open Boat Series

G 4.35

G 4.8

G 5.4

G 5.6

G 5.75

G 5.9

G 6.4

G 7

G 7.2

G 8

G 9.5

G 11

G 12

G 12.5