Coastal Safety Rescue RIBs

Tahlisiye / Rescue RIBs

KEGM Rescue RIBs

Northstar Special Projects have just completed and delivered the final batch of high-speed rescue boats that built for Turkish Coastal Safety.
In total 10 x G 9.5 R and 5 x G 7.2 R high-speed rescue boats are ready to operate!

High Speed Rescue RIBs

G 9.5 R boats are powered by twin 250 HP Yamaha engines with the top speed of 52 knots.
G 7.2 R boats are powered by twin 130 HP Yamaha engines with the top speed of 44 knots.

Turkish Directorate General of Coastal Safety Rescue RIBs


Self-Righting System

Self Righting Rescue RIBs Self Righting System Designed by Northstar Special Projects Department Self Righting 7.2 m. and 9.5 m. Rescue RIBs for Turkish Directorate

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Vacuum Infusion Technology

VACUUM INFUSION TECHNOLOGY Facebook Linkedin Twitter HIGH QUALITY RIGID INFLATABLE BOATS USING THE VACUUM INFUSION TECHNOLOGY After completing our voluntary manufacturing suspension to help with

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US Market Dealership

NorthStar AXIS Tenders will be represented by throughout North America, the Caribbean and Mexico. NAUTICAL VENTURES GROUP will be the Authorized Distributor for AXIS Tender

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