Brand New 8 Meter Models

Launching 8 m. RIBs

Brand New 8 Meters

Time to introduce our new,
sturdy Mid Range Heroes!

We are excited to announce the availability of our new models.

GM 8 & CORE 8

Mid Range Inflatable Boats

GM 8 – Multipurpose Heavy Duty Professional RIB
CORE 8 – Open Cruiser / Light Duty Professional RIB

Special Projects for Gendarmerie General Command

GR 8 – Multipurpose Heavy Duty Professional RIB

Self-Righting System

Self Righting Rescue RIBs Self Righting System Designed by Northstar Special Projects Department Self Righting 7.2 m. and 9.5 m. Rescue RIBs for Turkish Directorate

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Vacuum Infusion Technology

VACUUM INFUSION TECHNOLOGY Facebook Linkedin Twitter HIGH QUALITY RIGID INFLATABLE BOATS USING THE VACUUM INFUSION TECHNOLOGY After completing our voluntary manufacturing suspension to help with

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