AXIS Tenders

AXIS Tenders

Developed to answer all the critical needs for a functional, ergonomic and performing yacht tender.

Offering 6 different lengths between 3.1 m. (10'2'') and 5.3 m. (17'5'') to fit various swimming platforms and garages.

Standart features such as hydraulic steering, extensive electrical system with auto bilge pump and and Hypalon (CSM) tube.

– Delta-Lift hull; offering easy planing
– Heavy Duty CSM (Hypalon) tubes
– Standart hydraulic steering
– Ergonomic consoles
– Fuel system with integral fuel tank, fuel gauge and water separator
– Electrical system with the following:
– Switch panel
– LED navigation lights
– All-round light
– Automatic bilge pump
– Self-bailing deck
– Large storage areas
– Marine upholstry
– Swimming ladder
– Telescopic cleats
– Lifting rings

 AXIS 3.1AXIS 3.4AXIS 3.8AXIS 4.2AXIS 4.8AXIS 5.3
Lenght Overall3.1 m3.4 m3.8 m4.2 m4.8 m5.3 m
Beam Overall1.81 m1.75 m1.91 m1.96 m2.32 m2.33 m
Maximum Payload4 pax5 pax6 pax7 pax8 pax9 pax
Empty Weight193 kg210 kg235 kg282 kg436 kg480 kg
Recommended Tube Pressure0.18 bar0.18 bar0.18 bar0.18 bar0.18 bar0.18 bar
Tube Diameter0.40 m0.40 m0.42 m0.46 m0.48 m0.50 m
Number of Air Chambers333444
Fuel Tank Capacity33 lt33 lt33 lt42 lt51 lt62 lt
Maximum Engine Power30 hp40 hp50 hp60 hp80 hp115 hp
Engine Shaft LenghtS / LS / LLLLL
CE Design CategoryCE – Cat. CCE – Cat. CCE – Cat. CCE – Cat. CCE – Cat. CCE – Cat. C
… is soon to be available.
… is soon to be available.
… is soon to be available.


Benefiting from the Delta-Lift hull, all AXIS Tenders plane easily and ride dry.


Each AXIS Tender is ready to become your indispensable tool around your yacht.

AXIS Tender Series